A new you by challenging the status quo



How much of an influence does this have on our behaviour and life? This applies to everything in our lives; how we dress, what our homes look like, what music we listen to, how we should behave – the list is endless.

My question is “Should this apply to me? Should I allow myself to be dictated to by others and what society believes should be my role in the world?”

Will the real me please stand up?

I have previously stated that we need to be authentic and true to ourselves, but who is the real you? Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and recognise who you actually are and acknowledge that person as being the stunning individual that you are?

From conversations and just observing many people around me in the last few months I have come to the realisation that too many people are living lives that are dictated by their life partners, their careers, their families, the people they associate with and the generation group that they were born into – never who they really are …..

This is so sad, “Where is the real you?”

It’s about the Millennial that secretly listens to the musical giants of the 60’s and 70’s because it’s not cool for their generation to listen to music not created in their generation – it’s about the Baby Boomer that wants to be wild and get a tattoo, hop onto a Harley and let the wind blow them away cruising down the highway, not living like a straitlaced granny sitting on the veranda, knitting for the grandchildren……



It’s time for people to break the mould, in whatever manner they see fit and get in touch with their inner child and core of their being and reveal this to the world – no recriminations or questions asked !!Do not let the real you be held ransom by the dictates of society and the misguided belief of others.

Being yourself can influence the world to be a better place

Yes – I can hear you……. “How in heavens name is that possible?” you ask.

Think about it like this – if you are constantly hiding and living the life that others dictate to you even subconsciously and with love, the real you could have been making a major impact on the world, but will never be revealed as you are hiding behind what others say should be the norm for you.

The abused mother that does not want to reveal to the world what is happening or happened to them – can help so many others in their battle with the same situation.

The introvert that lives in the shadow of their extrovert partner, but could impact the world with their unique way of dealing with situations and add value to others in the same situation.

The creative that hides their talent from their parents, as the parents want them to study medicine instead – thus their brilliance will never be revealed to the world.


The writer that works in a corporate job for 35 plus years and hates every second, but this is the place that society demands they remain to enable them to provide for their family and not depend on charity or government support.

Does any of this hit home or resonate with you? Can you imagine what a far better world we will create if everybody lives and reveals their true person, their inner brilliance, to the world? What unique talents and gifts will never see the light of day as we are being dictated to by the world around us and listen to what is being said?

Take charge and challenge the status quo

Taking charge and living this new challenge will not be easy or comfortable and be warned – you run the risk of upsetting people,groups and situations around you. The question is – “Will you live out your life with the music within you never being heard by others?”

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Is this living?

Do we not all have a responsibility to be the best we can be and take a productive place in the development of our society and life as a whole? Will you allow your life to be dictated by others and live forever in the shadow of what might have been?

Many studies have been done with terminally ill people that have always said that their greatest regret in life was not doing the things they wanted to do and living their lives to the fullest. Are you going to be one of those people?

Take action and discover the real you

Nobody expects you to change overnight, but you can take small steps each day to move yourself into the space you should be, to reveal your inner brilliance to the world. This process will take a lot of inner work and introspection to find the real you, but the revelation when it arrives will be like giving birth – within minutes of the real you being revealed, you will have forgotten about the pain of the process in getting to that moment …..

Here are some action steps that you can take to help you get to your inner brilliance:

  • Keep a journal and write down your inner thoughts, desires and feelings – review frequently to see what keeps on appearing – these will be your hints …



  • Take time to spend with yourself and discover what you really enjoy doing, no matter what others may think – whatever makes your heart race and puts a huge smile on your face is moving in the right direction …
  • What do you really do well and others have commented on when you have revealed this to them? Write this down for further exploration.

Do this for a period of no less than 3 months … It has taken you years to hide the real you from the world, do not expect an instant revelation, but it will have no choice but to appear if take action!

We all owe it to the world at large to discover and acknowledge who we really are and reveal that unique individual. Will it be worth it? Yes, most definitely, even if you only impact one person with your message, your talent or your gift, whatever it may be – then the world will be a better place for it.



If we multiply this by a few hundred thousand people around the world doing this, just imagine the exponential impact!!

Choose to be awesome.

Much Love




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