Who are you really?


Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the mirror and looking at your reflection and wondering who this person actually is?

Be truthful – I believe that’s almost all of us at one stage or another. There is nothing wrong in asking the question, in fact, it’s something that will allow you to re-evaluate your life, your dreams, and your goals.

We are human and will question ourselves many times, buts it’s the actions we take that will determine the outcome.

In asking ourselves this question, it sets in motion a person-to-person unique process that may be empowering or demotivating, depending on your perspective. I am here to tell you that you can make this work to your best advantage by breaking the questions down into various sections/scenarios.

Who are you personally?
When asking yourself this question – go deep down and really be honest with yourself. This is not for public presentation but for your own use and discussion with yourself. Do this in whatever manner you are most comfortable with; record an audio, write it down, record a video, or just have a good conversation with yourself. Meditate /reflect on your responses and find out which of the answers you are not happy with and decide what you can do to improve or change who you are in that respect. Always remember, to be powerful in who you are – you need to be able to love and appreciate yourself.

Who are you in the eyes of your family?
The easiest way to determine this is to ask. Go to a trusted family member first and ask them to describe who they believe you are in their eyes and make a note of it for further reflection. Now the difficult one – go to a family member that you are not so close with and ask them the same question. It is always amazing to see the different responses that you are going to get when doing this exercise. Finally, if you have a spouse/significant other and have children, ask them.
Take all these responses once again and note them down so that you can reflect on them later.

Who are you in the eyes of the world?
This is probably the most uncomfortable question of them all. It’s never easy asking this of strangers or people that you work or do business with. The key here is in the way that you ask the question. It’s great to work this into a general conversation and subtly lead them into giving you an answer. Alternatively, if you are a public figure, get your staff or publicist to ask this question. You could even run a public opinion poll and get the feedback. It’s all about you tying down the essence of how other people see you and how you are impacting the world.

Finally, you bring all these answers together and determine in which areas you need to apply yourself more, or where you need to change and improve so that you can love yourself more and really step into your power.
Choose to be awesome today.
Much Love

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