As a fifty-something, I firmly believe that turning 50 is not the curse so many believe it is, but rather that it's exactly the opposite - a huge blessing.

Don't look so surprised - there is method to my madness. As medical advances happen at a phenomenal rate today, the outlook for living a longer lifespan increases every day. In studies that have been done, it has been proven that your "retirement" years now and in the future, are actually going to be longer than your so-called income producing years.This means that we need to make some serious changes to our thinking and realize that we need ongoing sources of income, even into our "golden" years.

So it stands to reason that my vision is to show my peers that there is life after 50 that can be enjoyed to the fullest and especially for the women; your life does not end when the children leave home. You are in the best possible position to now live out your dreams - you have little to no dependents - your income should be relatively secure and the demands on your time from a boss and your family greatly reduced.

So now is exactly the time to live out all those dreams, tick off each item off the bucket list and show the youngsters how life should be lived ......