In most cases our history creates the foundation for who we are today and the decisions we have made along the way to get here. Totally true for me; but not in the way that you may think.

My history was not bad by any standards, but it did allow me in hindsight, to show what I did NOT want in my life in so many ways. From not having much control as a child to what happened in my life, to marrying somebody that was always in absolute control, to struggling with who I was and my place in the food chain when I was at work and then discovering exactly who I was after my divorce and what I wanted to do with my life, it all added up.

My history set the stage for all this, but also allowed me to get to the point where I made the choice to change and take control of my life and the direction I wanted to move into. To discover who I actually am, what I can contribute to the world and make an impact on and most importantly, to set the example for my peers and future generations, as to what is possible if you have belief in yourself and your potential for greatness.

All these valuable lessons were passed on to my 3 daughters so that they hopefully would make better choices and stand strong in becoming exactly who they needed to be, from early on in their lives.